Satisfy Your Dissatisfaction

Have you ever heard a version of this before: “You should be satisfied with what you’ve got.”

I’m here to tell you that it’s not true! It’s dissatisfaction that can cause you to grow and become more. However, let’s be clear about 2 things: 1) you should always be grateful for what you do have. Only through gratitude can you receive more of the good you want; and, 2) dissatisfaction does not mean complaining – complainers only get more of what they don’t want! But, no matter how great you think your life is in any area, better is always available.

It is the natural instinct of every living thing to want to grow. Even the lowly weed will struggle to reach the light of day through the crack in your driveway. You want to do everything you are doing greater. A sales person wants to sell more; an athlete always wants to break the next record; and an artist wants to create a masterpiece. The longing for more is our true self wanting to be expressed.

I’m a member of the infamous group known as the ‘Baby Boomers’ – the largest mass of humanity to move through history – and we definitely were a dissatisfied bunch in our youth. We instigated a lot of changes, some of which we probably wouldn’t want to claim now, but it was dissatisfaction that helped lift the glass ceiling for women, dissatisfaction ended segregation and ended a war.

As my mentor Bob Proctor has pointed out, many of the comforts and luxuries that we enjoy today are a direct result of actions taken by someone who was not satisfied with the status quo. If Edison had not been dissatisfied with earlier attempts to create the incandescent bulb, he would not have spent his time conducting over 10,000 experiments before he invented the first, feasible long-burning light bulb. It was Henry Ford’s dissatisfaction with the manufacturing system that led him to develop the assembly line technique of mass production which brought to market products at a much lower cost; and today we can travel anywhere in just hours because the Wright brothers were dissatisfied with being just bicycle mechanics. These men believed there was a better way and their belief and action has improved the lives of people everywhere.

All of the religious books say that we are made in the image of the Creator. That means that we are here to create – create a better life for ourselves and everyone around us. Why do you think you have desires and dreams? Where do you think this yearning for more comes from? Wanting more money, more friends, and more experiences is not a bad or greedy desire. It’s greed only when you believe the way you can get more is to take from someone else. It’s only natural that we feel the urge to live more, do more and be more.

Each of us has been endowed with special gifts and talents and we are designed to share these gifts with the world. A gentleman by the name of Steve Bow, a former VP of Metropolitan Life, said that “God’s gift to us is more talent and ability than we’ll ever use in our lifetime. Our gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as we can in this lifetime.” But often that doesn’t happen until you become dissatisfied with your current situation.

Dissatisfaction can move you to higher and higher levels of achievement. As the German novelist Berthold Auerback said “The little dissatisfaction which every artist feels at the completion of a work forms the germ of a new work.”

Now I ask you, do you know of anyone who complains about having too much money or too many friends, or doesn’t ever want to experience another adventure? I didn’t think so.

Be aware, however, that the people around you, especially those who raised you, might not like this new attitude. When I told my mother about the speech I was formulating in my head her first reaction was “Oh, I don’t like people who are never satisfied.” Understand many people, like my mother, believe you should just accept your current life – “this is the way it has always been and this is the way it is suppose to be.” Did you know that when Marconi told people that he believed he could send radio signals through the air without the use of wires, his friends referred him to an insane asylum?

You need to understand that the purpose of a goal is not to get material ‘things’ – although getting ‘things’ often is a result of reaching a goal – the purpose of a goal is to grow. I heard the Rev Michael Beckwith say once “if you haven’t grown in the last year, you’re not holding the same place, you have gone backwards because the whole universe is always moving. And where there is no growth, there is disintegration and even death”.

So let go of any guilt that someone may have instilled in your mind many, many years ago. That guilt may very well be the seed of a deeper feeling that you don’t deserve better. Let go of the guilt, and recognize your dissatisfaction as a sign that you not only want to live more and do more, but you want to be more.

One more thing you need to understand. After you reach that long, sought-after goal, IT will soon become the status quo, you will again become dissatisfied and will want to pursue an even higher goal!

Move To Scotland, Gain Equity and More Disposable Income

Many television programmes show people in England moving to a better life abroad, however recently people in England who want a better way of life are deciding to just cross the border into Scotland. Scotland offers free prescriptions, good schools, no university fees and more for your money in terms of property. A lot of people are taking the plunge and moving North for this lifestyle for them and their family.

Just last week the Labour Party, the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats ruled out student tuition fees for the next five years of this parliament’s term. This costs students in England a shocking £9,000 a year so if you have children just leaving school then this could be a huge draw for them just by moving north.

Jamie and Charlotte Smith have a five month old daughter and while the chance of a free education for her is important to them, their main reason for moving to Scotland is that property prices there are so much cheaper than where they currently live in Market Harborough. They are selling their three bedroom cottage there and want to buy a church conversion in Oban in Western Scotland. The church conversion is a four bedroom property which also has space for a recording studio for Jamie for just £300,000, he says that if he were to look for something similar in Leicestershire it would be around the £1million mark.

However many people are simply moving North because of the cost of student fees. They were abolished in Scotland in 2000 and after the Scottish Parliament was set up and because of the high cost of sending your children to university these days many parents are deciding to look for property in Scotland and save thousands. Under the Student Allowances (Scotland) Regulations of 2007 as long as students are resident on August 1st in the year that their course begins then the tuition fees are not payable as long as they attend Scottish universities. If a family moved to Scotland and had three children which all intended to go to university then they would save £81,000 in fees alone. Edinburgh University has an excellent reputation and everyone knows that Prince William and Kate Middleton attended St Andrews University because it was so good.

Elderly people are also tempted to go to Scotland as there are no prescription charges whilst they are to rise in England and the hospitals offer a very good health service, care costs are also a factor. In England elderly people are forced to sell their homes to cover nursing home costs but in Scotland care-home residents can claim £69 a week towards their nursing costs and £153 towards personal care. Residents only have to cover what is deemed “hotel charges”.

The Scottish housing market is also a lot more stable than its English counterpart. English house prices tend to have booms and busts but this is not the case North of the border. According to Land Registry property prices in England have dropped 0.9% in the last year but in Scotland the equivalent, the Registers of Scotland, have seen a 1.7% rise. Therefore it is no wonder that a lot of people are opting to choose life over the border.

How To Pack Your Backpack For That Awesome Overnight Wilderness Backcountry Trip

Using your personal backpacking checklist you have assembled all the gear and personal items needed and wanted for your backcountry wilderness adventure. But once again you realize this is not a simple 2 day trip to the Holiday Inn and you won’t have a luggage rack to spread open your pack and lay out your stuff. So how do you arrange everything to get at it easily and to balance and carry the load on your back up and down the wilderness trail?

Always pack with efficiency in mind:

  • Things that you need often like water, maps and camera need to go on the outside of the pack,in fanny packs or in an office attached to your shoulder strap for easy access. You don’t want to be accessing your main center compartment every hour for these frequently used items.
  • Packing your water on the outside compartment will allow access to your water without having to take off your pack off which tends to get old if you have to take it off every hour or so. You can reach the water yourself by reaching around to the side or have your hiking companion get the water out for you.
  • Store your sleeping bag in a waterproof compression sack in the bottom of your pack. This helps to make a good foundation for the remaining items and keeps the bag dry.
  • Heavier items (food, tent, etc) should go in the mid to upper region against your back making them easier to carry and balance down awkward declines.
  • Next load first aid-kits, toiletries and other mid-weight items around the heavy weight items.
  • In the backpack’s lid place smaller items that you may need to grab without disturbing your whole pack such as, bathroom kit, flashlight, pack rain cover, rain gear and quick shelter.
  • Items such as rain gear and pack covers that you don’t mind getting wet need to go on the outside if possible.
  • Pack your stove fuel on the outside compartments opposite your water so everything doesn’t get wet and contaminated if the containers leak.
  • And the very last thing to strap on is the foam or inflatable sleeping pad and any reflective space blanket you plan on taking to act as the floor for your tent. This blanket can be used as extra weather protection if necessary and should be a couple of inches less than the width and length of your tent so that if it rains water will not get on top of the ground blanket and travel under the tent.

After everything has been packed it is always a good idea to make sure the pack is also balanced from left to right. A pack heavier on one side will only place more weight on your that shoulder. Resulting in more wear (blisters) on that shoulder, lower back pain from trying to balance the weight and cause clumsiness when walking the trail and making difficult descends or step-overs. Also try to get most everything packed inside and avoid being the guy with everything strapped on the outside of the pack. You will be more organized and slicker going through brush covered trails. Some small items you might want to consider hanging on the outside of your pack include a thermometer, wind speed indicator or small handheld GPS.

After you have finally found the best spot for each piece of gear and still managed to keep the pack weight down to 30-40 lbs you will need to do one more thing. Always put everything in the exact same place every time and every trip! This will keep you organized giving you the ability to put your hands on anything and everything quickly. But more importantly when picking up camp in the morning it will help keep you from leaving something behind. There is nothing worse than stopping the second night on your trip to realize you left your cook stove 10 miles back at the last camp. If you always put everything back in the same spot it becomes easier to realize you’re missing some gear when you pack-up.

Professional Photography Course To Master The Camera Art

Capturing spectacular images is an art. Some are proficient in that art while some are novice. Your skill in the art of photography, can earn you your bread and butter. On the other hand, if you are just a beginner, then you can opt for a photography course. There are many institutions that have a variety of programs and they have practical uses too. It is you who needs to decide how you want to go ahead, which course will suit you and from where you want to pursue the course. To get perfect results, you must dedicate yourself to the research. Even after you find the right institution, you must work hard to master the art of taking snaps.

There are a dozens of divisions and sub-divisions of this visual field. Some of them are:

· Aerial

· Adventure/Action

· Wildlife and Nature

· Architecture

· Artistic

· Still Life

· Space

· Black and White

· Commercial

· Event

· Documentary

· Underwater

· Travel

· Scientific

These are few of the names among a wide arena of subjects that you can seize with your lens.

The technique of correctly directing your camera and clicking during the right moment shows expertise in camerawork. It reflects how good your eyes and fingers co-ordinate. The terms associated with this approach are camera focus, white balance, exposure control and sharpness. Institutes formulate photography courses in such a way such that students can grasp how to manipulate the camera focus from different angles. The color focus is also important. Though there are many tools with which you can improve the picture quality, but the person must properly take the original snap. You must also avoid camera jerks and know how to control the shutter speed.

When you choose a photography Institute, you must have a clear idea about your expectations. You can go through the topics that the course will cover. If you are aiming at a particular domain of photography, then gauge how much relevance the course will have. Often teachers do not touch a number of topics, even though the brochure has a clear mentions of them. For this, you can talk to the faculty members or attend the counseling session. You can also ask the teachers to cover the topics in the curriculum that will help students to have a proper and complete understanding of the subject. You can also take special note from the library. Last but not the least, have a clear idea about the tuition fees. It is also imperative to go through past projects and excursions that the Institute had undertaken.