It’s More Fun in the Philippines Series (Cebu Is the Place to Be)

Rooted from the courageous ancestors of a great leader, Lapu-lapu to the pristine scenery and friendly people, Cebu earned its name as Queen City of the South. Ever since I was young, I was brought up with a humbling pride as a pure grown Cebuana and up to now, I still am.

If you happen to come by the Philippines, do not forget to go to Cebu and see for yourself especially during the first months of the year to experience its rich culture and heritage. Here are some of the tourists destinations must go.

1. If you want to travel back in time and see the cultural heritage of this island you need to visit:

a. Sto. NiƱo Basilaca that dates back during the Spanish Era.
b. Magellan’s Cross (the original) planted by Magellan in 1521.
c. Taosit Temple is more than having a beautiful photo shoot but gives you a serene feeling while visiting the place.
d. Fort San Pedro that was built in 1700s for protection against Muslim raids during those time.
e. Colon street is the oldest street in the city and one of the busiest.

2. If you want more of an outdoor adventure, Cebu offers you:

a. Cebu botanical garden offers a green sanctuary.
b. Guadalupe cave is not only an outdoor attraction but a miraculous place with healing powers.
c. Tops gives you a nice breath taking city view.
d. Cebu Country Club is the first and oldest golf course in the Philippines but still in tough shape.
e. Cebu Zoo lets you interact with animals in a safe way of course.
f. Relaxing beach and resorts which are so many to mention and there are more developed in the city.

3. There are so many authentic restaurants, modern and historic malls, relaxing spas and amusement parks that you can dine, shop, relax and enjoy if you miss the city life.

Oh, so much more to share for Cebu, I believe. Before visiting my hometown, do some research because before you know it, there are other great tourist destinations being discovered and most of the beautiful places in Cebu are off the charts. These are non-commercialized hidden sanctuaries. But what I love about this place is that I was born here, near a beach with cool breeze, fresh food, and nice neighborhood with happy complete family. I wish to know your “must go” place in Cebu or anywhere in the world. I think each one of us have their own favorites at some point in time.

Enjoy a Holiday in Cornwall With the Children

Cornwall cottages make for ideal for summer holiday accommodation. If you are planning your family holiday in Cornwall, cottages dotted around the county are the perfect place to base yourself, especially if you have young children.

This is one of the most popular summer holiday counties in the UK, thanks to its fantastic climate, abundance of exciting things to do, places to visit and countryside to explore. The beaches vary from wild surfing beaches to more rugged rocky offerings perfect for exploring the rock pool wildlife, and the countryside is equally diverse and beautiful.

What to Do With Children in Cornwall

Cottages available to rent are located throughout the county, so make sure you choose one that is close to all of the attractions you want to visit. When travelling with children it is important to have activities planned for rainy as well as sunny days, and this spectacular county has plenty of choice.

Small children will love a visit to Tamar Valley Donkey Park, located at Gunnislake. These delightful creatures are the main attraction here although there are many other farmyard friends, including pigs, rabbits, sheep and guinea pigs. The indoor play barn is ideal if the rain sets in, although as long as children have their wellies on they will be so engrossed by the animals that a spot of rain probably won’t worry them.

For more animal fun why not head to Trethorne Leisure Park in Launceston? Here children can feed the lambs, milk the cows or even enjoy a fun pony ride. There is an assault course, a bungee-run, climbing wall and plenty more – even older children will be able to get involved and burn off some energy too.

If you want your children to have an educational experience while on holiday, the Geevor Tin Mine is a great excursion for the whole family. The interactive tour will give everyone an insight into the history of mining, and a trip down the mine tells a tale of what the conditions used to be like. Children can pan for gold too, which is always great fun.

St Austell is a popular place for people to rent Cornwall cottages. This pretty town is fun to explore but is also home to Kidzworld, which is a fantastic rainy day option. There are all kinds of activities that go on here and everyone in the family can get involved. This new addition to the county’s top attractions is certainly proving very popular.

If you are staying close to Penzance, you will find all kinds of day trip options at Land’s End. Children and adults who love the adventures of Dr Who will love the new exhibition held here.

This wonderfully welcoming county is a great place for children, and whether you stay for a weekend or two weeks there will be something new to discover every day.

The Healing Effects of Hydrochloric Acid Activators

In pursuit of improved health, many of us seek out foods and actions which might boost our immune systems’ functionality. Whether we’re consuming green tea for its antioxidants or raw foods for their ease of digestion, we can easily augment our efforts by consuming supplemental hydrochloric acid (HCL) in tandem with an HCL activator, which will greatly improve digestive health, immune function, and even help fight the deterioration of cells as we age. Indeed, taking multiple beneficial things and utilizing them together seems like an obvious choice, but many of us tend to simply select one or two methods of improving wellbeing without thinking of the body’s need to function in complete harmony. By incorporating antioxidants, proper diet, and HCL with an HCL activator, you can unlock energy and immune system strength that you may have never imagined.

Few people would really suspect HCL to play such a vital role in your body’s ability to regulate itself, but it’s really quite astonishing. As part of a natural diet, it can allow for the complete processing of foods, unlocking every nutrient possible while removing all the excess waste left behind. With an HCL activator as part of your routine, you’ll optimize the digestive efficiency as well as improving general bodily function. With everything being absorbed properly and nothing harmful remaining, your body will spend less time fighting excess acids and spend more time healing and maintaining itself. A well maintained body will regenerate more quickly and have an increased immunity, allowing you to fend off illnesses that might have otherwise been a real burden on your body. Taking HCL activator will help give back up to a third of a cell’s lifespan, slowing the aging process of your entire body and allowing you to approach life with renewed vigor.

With the possibility of enjoying an extra chunk of life with increased health, what would you do? The options are limitless. Maybe you’re an outdoorsy type and would like to challenge yourself with some extreme hikes or other adventures. The ability to approach your later years in solid health will help you enjoy all the world has to offer so that you can be active without risk of it causing great harm. Taking an HCL activator can also optimize natural detoxification, so you can enjoy fine dining while you travel about the world and experience minimal impact from the foods you consume along the way. While HCL activator won’t make you invincible, it can help you feel stronger than you’ve felt in quite some time.

The Seven Steps to Happiness

Almost every person on this planet could be happy, if they really wanted to be. The biggest barrier is internal belief, the thought system that we all carry around in our head. Most unhappy people believe, way down inside where it counts, that they are destined to be unhappy and that worry and depression are “correct” for them. Why? Because they were trained to be unhappy by all the people who raised them, and by most of the circumstances of their childhood.

Bottom line for you… you can become much happier if you want to. You have it in your power. But you have to work at it. You have to undertake a long term project that requires time, energy, attention and commitment. But the payoff is huge. You learn to have a positive attitude, peace of mind and serenity in your life, even under adverse circumstance. It’s worth it.

I’ve been a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for many, many years now. I have worked with a lot of people and have helped them become happier. Here’s what I have learned about the seven steps to happiness:

First, you must really want to become a happy person. You have been on this planet for a while, and you are pretty familiar with who you are. You know what you like and what you don’t, you have a personality which means a fairly predictable way of reacting, and you are comfortable with who you are. For the most part. Change is a threat. It makes you uneasy. So you have to make a decision; a decision to try new ways of doing and thinking, and to override your innate conservatism and hesitation. Not easy, but worth it.

Second step is to accept the belief that it is possible for you to be happy.

This involves a change in your subconscious mind, that part of your mind that is ordinarily outside your awareness. It involves a total reversal of everything you were taught as a young child about yourself, your life, what is correct for you, and your future. It’s an epiphany, an opening of your soul. Possible triggers are long term psychotherapy, a traumatic event in your life, a religious awakening, or possible part of your natural maturing. This awareness can also come to you through mediation, and especially guided meditation recordings.

If you get this far, you have covered the most difficult part. You have made the conscious decision to become a happier person, and you have accepted the belief that this is possible for you. Congratulations!

Now we get down to business. The third step is to start exploring the ways to becoming a happy person. Read books on the subject, search the web, talk to friends, go into therapy, look for a teacher, learn Yoga, meditate, join a new and interesting organization, travel to a foreign country that is new to you, learn a new skill, go on a religious retreat. Try any number of things and find the one or two that are right for you.

The fourth step is to achieve success with one of the approaches that you try. Doesn’t have to be anything major. Just a perceptible improvement in your personal happiness. Maybe you wake up looking forward to the day ahead. Even if it happens only occasionally. Just enough to know that you are on the right track.

The fifth step is an important decision point. You now know that you have it within your power to become happier. Do you want to proceed? Or do you want to stay like you have been, which is probably,much more comfortable short term. Or do you want to strike out and embark on the path to true happiness? It’s up to you. I think that you already know what I would advise.

Six; commit to your path to happiness. Prepare a plan in writing and include a rough schedule. Set out the steps you will take. Review your plan a few times, then sign and date. Talk about your plan with a few trusted friends, your husband or wife, people really important to you. You have now committed to the path of happiness.

Seventh and last; start on the path you have set out for yourself. Take the time you need, change your course as you learn what works and what doesn’t. Be prepared for surprise. Become an adventurer in life!